Booktrailer Love

I love movie previews. On the rare occasions when I manage to synchronize schedules, snag a sitter, and afford to shell out a queen’s ransom to go to the movie theater, I ‘m usually more exicted about seeing the previews that the actual movie.
Even the trailers for movies I wouldn’t check out free from the library are often pretty good—the best parts condensed into a mini-show, with a hook.

Book trailers are a little different. Lower budget, harder to find. I receive a few from the selection and review sites that I use for work, but most tend to cross my path well after the publication dates.

The majority of them are static pieces set to dramatic classical music, featuring the cover, a basic hook, and a few positive reviews. I’m not saying I could do any better, but I am saying that for the most part, I depend more on Unshelved’s one-panel booktalks when I personally want a good read.

But there are exceptions. I’d only read one of the books advertised below, but I re-read that one and found the others PDQ. Only one looks like real money was involved in its creation, but all three are clever, show the author’s voice, and are full of teh hook—if not for the book itself, then for the author.

This one actually gave me movie-trailer shivers:

I think this next one also says something about a writer’s natural affinity for stationery supplies:

I’ve often thought I could restage Kipling’s Jungle Book in my toddlers room* and Payton Place with my seven-year old’s Barbie collection, but this is clever:

Anyone else like booktrailers? 

*or perhaps a reinactment of Noah’s Ark—she has two of everything, including platypi in colors a platypus doesn’t naturally come in, as God probably figured He’d done enough to the poor creature.