Tuesday Video: Trekkie Love

Okay, I know I’ve been doing a lot of vids and not a lot of content lately, but I’ve reached that point where the plot in my WIP is coalescing and some of those odd threads and McGuffins I thought I’d have to edit out are starting to mean something, so I’m tripping over myself trying to write it all down before my subconscious sees a squirrel and the train derails.*

So here’s a vid. Late.

To be honest, I’m not the biggest Ke$ha fan**—I’m a couple decades past her target audience and I wasn’t much of a giggling, tipsy partier when I was young enough to get away with it.

But I was right on the money for Star Trek the Fandom.   I was really into all the original shows and the books and even the movies.  Forget Mick Jagger—I wanted McCoy.  And Scotty.  And Spock.  And . . .


Seriously, though, when these two disparate elements are put together, it’s pure, Trekkie goodness:

I remember every single goofy, scene-chewing, dramatic, shark-jumping, alcoholic clip in this whole thing. And I still want to live long and prosper.

And watch it again!

Uh-oh—Squirrel alert!

Back to work!


*Normal sentence lengths and homogenous metaphors are second draft stuff.

**I do like how she always sounds like she’s smiling as she sings, though, and I think she might have a sense of humor in there somewhere.