Writing is its own Reward. But . . .

As per my new resolve, I’m too busy writing to write about writing.  Except now, sort of.

But I’ve got a new chapter in the hopper and a good chunk of the next one going.  If I can finish it by Friday, I’m giving myself a break and a reward:

I’ve been bouncing around and giggling since I saw this trailer.

RED is one of my favorite comic miniseries–Warren Ellis wrote it and Cully Hamner drew it, so it’s probably not a surprise that Hollywood took notice.

But its the cast that has me in raptures.  I’ve loved John Malkovitch and Morgan Freedman for more years than any of us would care to admit (Easy Reader of the Electric Company may well have been my first crush), and Helen Mirren is perfection.  And Bruce Willis appears to have finally hit the right balance between wiseass and badass; this may be the perfect role for him.

But unless I can get my chapter done, no movie for me.