What 0430 Means to Me

Early.  Incredibly, excruciatingly early.  That’s what.

But it also means a group of my co-workers and I are going to a library conference today, and I volunteered to drive us in the library van!  

Who knew they’d accept? 

I have directions, the van keys, diet Pepsi, gum, and a sternly worded post-it note for the windshield, so that this  year, we won’t forget to turn off the headlights upon arrival.*

Supposing we don’t end up in Missouri Upon arrival, we will be hobnobbing with other librarians around the state, eating vulcanized chicken, and learning how better to serve our patrons.

But there’s also a local authors’ panel in the afternoon!  The authors were TBA, but I believe they’re all children’s and YA writers.  I haven’t written anything for that age group but I read tons of it—and make the occasional recommendation to a patron who is not a personal child of mine—so I’m going.** 



*Ongoing field experiences, some recent, have led me to conclude that Midwestern librarians do not, as a generalized group, carry jumper cables.

**And I thank the conference organizers for not scheduling a simultaneous workshop in my actual field so I won’t have to explain to my boss why I didn’t go to that instead.