Two Monday Mornings in One Week?

I woke up too late to do my walk.

Janie is off today for teacher conferences, and I still drove halfway to her school this morning before I remembered she wasn’t in the car.  It wouldn’t have mattered, except I left the house late because she wouldn’t be with me.

The deli gave me an onion bagel instead of a multigrain bagel.  I like onion bagels, but I prefer some warning before I bite into one.  Plus, I have no gum with me, so I will be wafting onion at everyone until lunch.

I’m getting a scratchy throat and I can’t be sick this weekend—my husband is going out of town tomorrow morning.

There’s nothing to be done except blow up a couple pumpkins with a bazooka.

There. I feel better.

And I’m going to see RED tonight, if I have to wear a face mask.