“Vote, or the stupid people win.”

This is Election Day in the U.S.

If you live here (or close by) and  have had any contact with the outside world in the last three months, you know this.

If you are eligible to vote,  you may not know how important your vote is.  It’s very, very important.

Far more important than waiting in line at the coffee shop (blasphemy), missing a good parking spot (no!), or even (gasp) Nanowrimo.

See, if you don’t vote, you are forfeiting your right as an American citizen to be in charge of your country. In effect, you’re saying, “Meh.  Whatever.”

Do we really want this country to be run by meh, whatever ?  Seriously?

One of our regular patrons came up to me yesterday and said, “Vote, or the stupid people win.”

I gave her points for shock value and nonpartisanship—as she told me, every Party thinks the other Parties are the stupid ones.  “Whatever gets them to vote,” she said.  “I don’t care how they vote, as long as they do.”

Because she grew up in a place where speaking out could get you killed—where voting could mark you and your entire family as dangerously subversive by the Powers That Be—this patron cannot conceive of anyone voluntarily giving up the opportunity to vote safely and without fear

In this country, you are the Powers That Be.  Yes, you.  By the People, for the People.  We, the People.


So please take the time to vote today.  Not to counteract stupid people . . . necessarily . . . but to be heard.  To be counted.

To rule your own country.

Besides, if you don’t vote, you’re also forfeiting your right as an American citizen to complain about how things are run—and you don’t want that, do you?

So go get yourself one of these.  It’s a badge of responsibility, honor, and respect.