Show vs. Tell vs. TMI

The talented and hardworking Jeph Jacques had posted one of the funnier (and possibly NSFW) examples I’ve seen of showing vs. telling over at Questionable Content.   And the frustrations over explaining it.

The previous comic will bring back wincing memories for anyone who has ever been asked for an honest opinion by  a brand-new, shiny writer—or, in my case, ever been a brand- new, shiny writer who didn’t want too much honesty.  At all.

I’d like to think I’m better now . . . most days I am. . . mostly.


In other news, the mostly hardworking Sarah W has sent off her newly finished Fun Project section this morning hours before deadline* and will be taking a small breather before plunging into the world of the WIP tonight.

For those of you who might wonder  (and I know who you are), I believe that I’ll be indulging in the rest of Terminal State rather than erotic Harry Potter fanfic**, however showy it may be.


*I would have sent it night night, but my Netbook decided it was funny to flash the Blue screen of death right before I saved the final edits.  Twice.  It was either shut down and walk away or break a window with it.  This morning, everything was fine.  Time outs work on electronics and writers, too.

**I’ve got nothing against fanfiction—quite the opposite.  I just prefer plot and romance over Rule 34—as one of my favorite fellow fanfic fans said, “You’ve got to buy me dinner, first.”


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