101th Post . . . Huh.

I rarely scroll down past the daily blog stats—which I check like a starving lab rat pushing the feeder bar—but I did yesterday and discovered that my brilliant and oh-so-original Tuesday post was my 100th on this blog.

Which was gratifying, as it gave me something to blog about today.*

But I don’t think that’s a shabby number for, what, just under five months—though part of me wants to figure out the total word count so I can obsess over how many pages of my WIP I could have completed in that time.

Probably for the best I don’t know how.

So I’ll just thank the real live human beings who’ve visited** and commented (hint, elbow, nudge) and especially the astonishing number who’ve apparently stuck around—unless there are actually  only a few of you checking in throughout the day just to mess with me.  I’ll forgive you if you promise not to stop.

And now, we celebrate this small milepebble with the traditional dance of my people!


*And now I’ll be humming “Circle of Life” all day.  Join in, won’t you?