. . . Following Yonder Deathstar

My co-worker Chris is a musician as well as a guru-like IT guy with a distinctive sense of humor—by which I mean the same sense of humor as me, poor guy—so when I discovered that he had used his lightsaber app in public, I thought I’d show him that weird Star Wars-Katy Perry filk thing I did for that bet last month.*

I’m still waiting for his opinion on the song, but he sent me a link to these in exchange:

Yes, they’re Darth Vader and Boba Fett-Clone snowflakes.**

How cool is that?

Repeat after me:  pretty darn cool.

The instructions are here, if anyone more coordinated than I would like to  give it a try.  The first person to send me an image of an R2D2 snowflake will be showered with my admiration and infinite coolness points,*** as I don’t have any tangible prizes that anyone would want.


*Vannie, seriously.  I won.  Let it go.

**I wish I could give name credit to the original poster, but there’s no name up but Dancell from the URL, so I just linked as much as I could.  Chris?  If you read this, a little help, please?

***Yes, I can do that, though alas, I am immune to my own powers.