Don’t pet me, I’m reading Tawna Fenske’s blog

I have no idea how I first found my way to Tawna Fenske’s blog, Don’t Pet Me, I’m Writing—maybe the Debutante Ball?—but going by her posts, her books are going to be comedy gold, with the kind of smokin’ romantic scenes you dogear* so you can go back and tell all your friends while fanning yourself with a free hand.

Please note that in the above sentence, Ms. Fenske would no doubt find at least two double entendres and be speculating on what was going on with the other hand while giving a low, evil laugh.  This is a woman who trolls Home Depot for dirty puns and innocently loses her wedding rings in her underwear. 

Not only can she make tears of laughter squirt out of my eyes with minimal effort, she’s undeniably reassuring when it comes to this writing thing.  The long, bumpy, potholed, orange-coned, eight-year road to the acceptance of her debut novel, Making Waves, would lead anyone to believe that Fate has other plans—but here she is, sharing every step and having a great time. 

Douglas Morrison interviewed her** for Novel Road recently, and if I hadn’t been a fan before, I would be after reading the answers to his questions.

I’m not a plotter. I may have some faint idea where a story is headed before I start writing, but I generally like to be surprised along the way. I was on the phone with my editor a couple weeks ago when she praised the cleverness of a certain twist near the end of my debut novel, MAKING WAVES.

 “I didn’t see that coming!” she said. 

 “Me neither!” I replied.

  There was this long pause where I could tell she was trying to figure out if I was being funny. I wasn’t. 

  I’m constantly figuring out plot points and character traits halfway through the book and then having to go back and layer them in so they feel like a natural part of the story instead of the product of too much Chianti.

 See?  I’m not alone!

There’s something about fresh air and beautiful scenery and picking up poop in a little bag that stimulates me as a writer.

Stimulates. We’re back to the sex thing again, aren’t we?

Okay, that one’s pretty much just her—but you see what I mean.

Making Waves is due to be released August 2 of next year.  It’s already on my list of too-early-to-be-pre-ordered romances for the library—I’m sure we’ll need at least two copies for each branch. 

Meanwhile, I highly suggest reading Ms. Fenske’s blog archives.  But first, install a keyboard cover—you’re gonna need it.


*No, I don’t dogear—I’m a librarian.  The thought of creasing a book gives me heart palpations—I use my unpaid Visa bills, just like everyone else.

**And Gary Corby, Sean Ferrell, and several other great authors.