I Found It! Sorry, Mom . . .

Nineteen days ago, I made several pre-resolutions.  They’ve gone pretty well so far, with one exception:  the socks I’ve been knitting for my mother—and by knitting I clearly mean ignoring—since May. And then I misplaced them put them in a place so safe,* I couldn’t find them.

For those of you who doubted their existence—and you know who you are—I finally discovered them in the basket on top of the bookcase where I had lovingly stuffed stored them in their ziplock bag:

And here they are:

Aren’t they beautiful?**  And you know . . . short.  Like three rows past the heel short.

Odds are they won’t get much longer before Christmas.  Or even New Year’s.

So, Mom—Merry Christmas and I’m sorry.   Your other gift is on the way, but the special one is going to take a while. 

Expect a very nice Valentine’s Day  Presidents’ Day  Easter Mother’s Day gift!


*Because Sunny likes to help me knit—and by help, I mean pull the needles out and run to give them to me:  “Here, Mommy!  I found dem for you!”

** Hush—they’re fraternal socks.  It’s a feature of the yarn.  And, yeah, I’m experimenting with doing two at once, because once the first sock is done, I tend to lose interest in doing the second.  And no, the irony isn’t lost on me.