Merry Christmas!

The pageant last night was held during the church service, which made it beautiful, earnest, and kind of  long.  There were also several hilarious moments that only a mother—or a couple of mothers sitting in the same pew elbowing each other—can fully appreciate, but my friend Lori* took some pictures, so I hope to be able to share some of the highlights soon.

After warning the children against waking us up at the crack of dawn, here I am blearily blogging and enjoying the moments of peace before joyful chaos reigns.  Santa is ready, the stockings are stuffed, and the gifts are under the tree, now that I can keep an eye on the cat—all presents are Toby’s presents.  We scaled back this year, but we managed to get one or two of the things the kids each wanted the most.

If the roads are good later on, we’ll be joining my friend Grace and her parents for Christmas lunch and coming home to enjoy the evening with immediate family and—if I have my way—a copy of the original Miracle on 34th Street.

I don’t have a clip from Miracle, but here’s one from Desk Set, which is both my favorite Christmas movie, adult demographic**, and my favorite librarian movie.  Can’t beat that!

May your holidays—and champagne—last the full twelve!


*Whose talented children portrayed Eve and an angel without complaint and also played violin and sang, respectively.  My little lamb elbow-dropped a large stuffed sheep for the ten-count during a quiet interlude and later my shepherd wandered across the communion thoroughfare munching on Pringles.  The kids are always cleaner on the other side, aren’t they?

**By which I mean the witty banter, somewhat sophisticated complications and the plot are lost on my children, as is the admittedly dubious humor of watching other people get blitzed at a Christmas party.  What did you think I meant?