Energy is wasted on the young . . . .

Humorous Pictures

Since Janie is at Fun Camp today and my husband had an early class, Sunny and I spent the morning together.

We played with her new dollhouse, went to the postal place to mail books,*  and tore  around the Family Museum, followed with a nice, heavy lunch with Daddy and Grandma.   The object was to tire her out  so she would take a nice, long nap—and I could spend an hour doing a little research and typing up some notes.

And it worked.  Sort of. 

Sunny is napping . . . but my nose is about to hit the keyboard for the third time. 

Instead of applying caffeine to the problem, I’m going to try something radical—a forty-five minute strategic retreat to the couch.  I know fighting the sleepies with actual sleep is a bit counterintuitive, but what the heck.

I’ll let you know if it workzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


*Note to glasseye and Richard:  check your e-mail!