On the Eve

Anyone else think 2o1o just zipped on by?  Wasn’t it just January last week?

I’m sure I did something this year . . .

I remember working a lot.  Playing a bit.  Parenting some.  Writing as much as possible.  Undersleeping.  Finishing the best novel I will never sell.  Watching far more television than was good for me.   Encountering so many terrific, helpful, and kind members of the online community of writers, agents, and editors.   Turning forty.  Beginning another novel that may be the one—or maybe even the first one—that does sell.  Enjoying a lot of other people’s books.  Receiving several rejections, not all of them forms!  Changing the very last diaper I will ever change (barring emergencies or grandchildren).  Starting a blog.  And discovering that astonishing number of people appreciate potato humor.

Busy year. 

Encouraging year.

Good year.

Thank you for sharing it with me!