Thank you, everyone who had sympathy and suggestions yesterday when the words didn’t come—I really appreciate your comments and support!

Turns out it may not have been writer’s block after all— I just got back from the emergency room, where my husband dragged me after my temperature registered as 103.2 on the kid’s ear thermometer this afternoon. 

I have the ‘flu.  Not the type that we all say we have when we sneeze twice in a row, but the real deal.  Influenza.

Cold chills, painful breathing, the whole nine yards.

I can’t go back to work until Thursday, or until I’m fever-free for 24 hours—I have a note from the doctor and everything.  this is the worst posible time to take off work—I’ve got appointments all this week. .  .

But  thank heavens the kids and my MIL had the shot.  My husband didn’t, but he was sick two weeks ago with something that lasted a couple days.  I guess we’ll see.

So if I don’t blog as often as I usually do—or my posts are more surreal than usual—that’s why.

I’m going to bed.