Life in Painfully Slow Motion

In one of those serendipitous coincidences, Dave Kellett of Sheldon has described my day in four panels.

Everything is in slow-motion today.  I got up, made a cup of hot tea, and crashed on the couch.  Some time later, I spent an hour trying to take a shower—total time in the water: about ten minutes—after which I took another rest while the pain meds kicked in.

People keep feeding me, probably so I don’t infect the kitchen.  I love them anyway.

I couldn’t go out to shop for Valentines, obviously, so I signed up for a free-trial at an online card-making site.  I chose four cards,* typed in a few personal touches, and took a two-hour nap.  I printed them off, then took a four-hour nap.

I’m not the world’s fastest-moving creature in the first place, but this is ridiculous.


*My parents are in Hawaii for two weeks, so they can wait for theirs. Hope you’re having fun, Mom and Dad—really!