Short and Sweet

For anyone who still cares, my temperature has hovered just about normal all day, so I’m going back to work tomorrow.

This means that after five days of going to bed early, sleeping late, and taking naps whenever and wherever I fell, I’ll be setting my alarm for 5:30 tomorrow morning and trying like heck to stay awake and functional until 6pm, when I hope to arrive home in one piece.

Since I took the opportunity afforded by being lethargic and on serious pain meds to cut waaaay down on the caffeine intake—for my health, they’ve got to be kidding me—I’m anticipating some initial difficulty.

So I’ll be going to bed in roughly fifteen minutes.

But not before offering you, in lieu of content, the cutest baby polar bear ever born:

cute baby animals - Acting Like Animals: NEWBORN POLAR BEAR. REPEAT. NEWBORN POLAR BEAR.

I know.  Look at those tiny paws!


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