8 thoughts on “A Man Who Loves His Mother . . .

  1. Love it. They don’t movies like that any more. And god, Sammy Davis Jr was so young! Hope you and your scene had a good wrestle and you come out the winner. x

    • Hi, Nina!

      They were all so young . . . and I’m sure the Rat Pack is the reason I’m so fond of caper stories.

      I’m going to call the wrestling match a draw, but I’ll pin it in the revision round.

  2. Maybe it’s because of all my years as a struggling actor but I can’t help but to notice the background performers. The guy with the gum is awesome and at about 1:22 there’s some great synchronized smoking going on. Stuff that isn’t scripted sets my heart on fire!

  3. I absolutely love Dino, Frank and the Rat Pack. Seeing Dean always reminds me of my dad, an Italian closet-crooner. If you ever get the chance to see the theater version of the Rat Pack, do so. Quite entertaining! Meanwhile, get back to work. 😉

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