Proof that my parents ARE as cool as advertised

A few people noticed the footnote I added to the Late Bloomers post, mentioning my  parents’ idea of a relaxing Hawaiian vacation.

I wasn’t making it up:

Mom, getting hooked into her zip line.  Please note that despite the white-knuckled, double grip she has on the strap, this woman is smiling.** She’d tell you it was a fear rictus, but I know that one, and this isn’t it.

I’m sure Dad is grinning like a maniac in this one (he’s on the left), but it’s tough to see it from this distance:

Dad:  The only thing is, I hurt my arm.

Me:  Oh, no.  Did you wrench it on the zip-line?”

Dad: No, we were visiting the volcano later and I tripped.

Me:  You fell off a volcano?

Dad:  No, I fell on a volcano.  That’s why it hurts.

I will mention again that Dad will be 79 on his next birthday, and Mom will be 73.  I have approximately 35 years to figure out how to be this amazing.

Since they have no intention of slowing,*** or have any practical idea of what that means, I’d better start kicking  it down.

*Crap! I still haven’t finished those socks I was going to give her for Christmas!

**Please also note that Dad waited until she was all buckled in to take this photo.