Library In-Service Day!

Today is our library’s in-service day. We’re closing all our locations in order to learn and share better ways to serve our patrons. Like, um, staying open more hours.

But in-services are important. They’re opportunities to make sure everyone’s on the same page—so to speak—with policies and procedures and also a good time to question how things are done where everyone can chime in. We get in some training on new equipment, new databases, security procedures, materials selection, patron interactions, and all sorts of etceteras.

Anyone who thinks that all library staff does is read books and shelve them should come to one of our in-services. We’ll tire you out.

Our admin always throws in fun stuff, too—we did a belly dancing mini-class one year—and as we’re essentially a rowdy bunch, it’s a good time.  Plus, lunches are being provided by my favorite sandwich place!

I’m looking forward to it.

So, in keeping with the theme o’ the day, here’s a beautiful promotional video about someone else’s system:*

I love my library, but if a job opens up in Ireland, I’d at least go to interview. Whether they asked me or not.


*Once again, I raided Smart Bitches, Trashy Books for this vid. SBSarah was sent it by someone named Phyl, and that’s all I know.