Hiding Today — Must Write

cute baby animals - Acting Like Animals: The Majestic Fox Flower is Ready to be Picked
No content today–I need to cobble together this one $&%# scene tonight because it’s wearing out its welcome in my subconscious and it’s do or die time.

Or possible do and die . . .

Either way, I’m ducking under until it’s done, just like the snow foxostrich.


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8 thoughts on “Hiding Today — Must Write

  1. You’re doing self-preservation. All writers have to when the subconscious fills up and screams it’s spilling over. See you tomorrow! Happy writing!

      • I’m all for the permanent lifestyle. Drew and I could hang out like Ma and Pa Kettle, on the porch of our log cabin. I’m sure I could google “corn cob pipe,” and we’d be set.

        • Maybe you’re right . . . as long as there’s wireless access.

          “Corn-cob pipe” is making me hum Frosty the Snowman . . . 🙂

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