Tempus Fuggit

I declare today Tuesday, since I skipped it in favor of Wednesday yesterday.*

My excuse is that this week is Jane’s Spring Break and I took today off to spend it with her (and give my husband a breather).  I’d planned on taking Thursday off, but Wednesday fit the schedule better, so I switched.  But I’d had Thursday in my head for so long, I figured the day before I was off must by Wednesday. 

But I did remember I was off today—and realized just how off this morning. 

But in about twenty minutes, Jane and I are going shoe shopping, followed by mall browsing, lunch, and more mall browsing.  And then we’re having real manicures, which I’m told are not done by Mommy at the kitchen table—an assertion I cannot deny.   Jane begged for a pedi, too, which should be interesting, as the moment I hung up from making the appointment, she said,  “Um . . . Mom? Will they be touching my feet?”

This should be good.

Have a great Tuesday, y’all.


*This is where my Australian friends give up.  Join the club!