“Well, um . . .”

On the rainy way to  school this morning:


“Mom, can I have an umbrella?”

“I don’t think there’s one in the car.  Where’s yours?”

“Well, um . . . It broke.”

“Oh?  How?”

“Um . . . I was playing with it on the playground at school?”

“And . . . ?

“And the umbrella part came off the stick part.”

“Maybe we can fix it.”

“The stick part is bent a little.”

“We might be able to unbend it.  Just remind me after we get home tonight and I’ll take a look.”

“Well, um . . .  I only have the stick part.”

“Where’s the umbrella part?”

“I don’t know!  I put both pieces in my backpack, but there’s only the stick now.  And I’ve looked, Mom.”

“Maybe we should look again.”

“I guess. . .  Or you could buy me a new one.”

“Or you could buy yourself a new one with your birthday money?”


“C’mon, kid.  You have almost twenty-five dollars left, right?”

” . . . ”

“Right, Janie?”

“Well, um . . . Oh, look!  It stopped raining! “