Random Thursday: Links, flinches, and small victories

Today has been a bit of a random roller coaster . . .

•   Got slapped down over a badly crafted comment over at Betsy’s;

•   Received some great comments on a work-related writing project;

•   Discovered my library books are overdue, which is ironic and embarrassing; 

•   Scored a free eCopy of Bill Cameron’s One Day from the ever-generous Alison Janssen over at Dead Guy (she’s giving away Anthony Neil Smith’s Yellow Medicine this week—go check it out);

•   Realized I have the skin of a sixteen-year old and the body of a forty-year old, which seems both backwards and unfair;

•   Sampled the world’s best garlic dressing for lunch and found my peppermint gum afterward—no, I don’t think this is related to my skin, why?

•   Poked myself in the eye with the pencil I was trying to stick behind my ear;

•   But it was the eraser end of the pencil;

•   Received some shout-outs from various blogging friends (thanks, guys!);

•   And finally admitted that my new athletic shoes have broken me in first.  Talk about—say it with me—the agony of defeat.

I’m calling it even . . .


 Small Victory:

 Jane found the missing piece of her umbrella—she won’t tell me where—and I managed to reassemble it without loss of blood.


Today’s paper mentioned that Psychostick, a self-styled “humorcore” heavy metal band, is approaching our area on their Unleash the Dumb Tour.  According to the article, their style is an irreverent counter to the typical anger-fueled metal stage shows.

Their single, “Flesh Eating Roller Skate Holiday Joyride” broke the top 20 on Billboard’s Holiday Chart.

So of course I had to check ‘em out.

If Weird Al Yankovic wrote for AC/DC, it might sound something like this . . . kind of a heavy Tenacious D.

I’m now humming “This isn’t a Song, it’s a Sandwich”  (lyrics are here).

Definitely hearing the cheese today.  . .


Slightly Larger Victory:

Finally reworked that one scene so there’s a wound, a blood trail, and little loss of dialogue or crucial information.  Whew!

Now I can get on with my life, such as it is.


 And just to class the place up a little, here’s Stephen Fry in a contemplative mood: