“You’re trying to ruin a woman’s career. Why? Because you’re bored? Because you’re afraid of someone who’s different from you?”

Apparently, the wrong parents found out that a teacher writes erotica in her free time.  Hyperventilation,  judgmental asshattery, and half-assed journalism ensued.

I don’t have enough energy this morning to say exactly what I think of this sorry excuse for a news story, which “broke” a couple of days ago.

Luckily, the awesome Cody of ckXcore provides plenty and is far more coherent than I would be right now:

Thanks to SBSarah at Smart Bitches for passing this along.

Please do the same.


16 thoughts on ““You’re trying to ruin a woman’s career. Why? Because you’re bored? Because you’re afraid of someone who’s different from you?”

    • I hope she sues the parents for slander, myself.

      Cody is great! I’ve been listening to some of his other videos. I don’t always agree with him, but i can’t fault his presentation!

    • i don’t know if it’s true idiocy or willful ignorance. Idiocy can be forgiven. Refusing to be enlightened at the expense of others? Not so much.

  1. These are probably the same people who think teachers should be able to live on a salary that is a third of what they themselves make. Wonder who’s next on the witch hunt list.

    • And probably the same people who resent teachers “taking summers off,” as if teachers don’t work far more than three months worth of unpaid overtime during each school year.

      Librarians—we encourage people to read and learn new stuff. Nothing good can come from that . . .

  2. Really? Really? I remember wishing in HS that my English teacher would just get laid. She talked about the bible all the time and called her husband God (not kidding). I would have been thrilled to find out she wrote erotica.
    Obviously this woman did nothing wrong and these parents are just your typical uptight prudes out on their monthly witch-hunt. I hope very much that she doesn’t lose her job over this. :/

    • I’m assuming that her principal probably knows already, if not members of the school board. I’m also assuming that her union will back her up. If she is fired (and so far, I haven’t heard anything), she has a great case for wrongful dismissal. And a good chance at winning a slander suit against some of those parents, I think.

  3. There really are some Dumb People out there, aren’t there?
    I’m assuming that the character is the teacher’s books are adults, and that she’s not writing kiddy porn (Or even teen porn) so, if she’s not setting them as compulsory reading, then where’s the problem?
    Grow UP people!! Gah!

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