Who’s the writer around here, anyway?

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Yesterday, I spent some time writing a two-character scene that was supposed to:
a) clear the air between Female Main Character and Female Secondary Character;
b) clarify a clue found in a previous scene; and
c) encourage FMC to mend fences with someone from her past.

We accomplished a) and b), but instead of c), they spent two pages discussing d): FMC’s feelings towards still another team member.

This would be fine, except FMC already did a page and a half of d) with Male Main Character two scenes back and the FMC  needs to get going on c). Plus, she isn’t the kind of person to spill her guts twice in a row.

So I took out the d) and tried to put in c). Except . . . it didn’t fit the wy I wanted to, especially around the segues. And the FSC didn’t want to have much to do with c)—what was she, a therapist? The only person who cared about c) was the MMC. And hadn’t I noticed that a) and d) were pretty much the same thing? Wasn’t I paying attention?

Well. Apparently not.

And if I was going to change anyone’s lines it wasn’t going to be hers. She knew what she was doing . . . you know, except for the thing with the other thing. She had some ideas about that, too, once I got off the stick and figured out what was important around here.

Hey! I’m the writer around here. This is my story and I know what I’m doing. Stop laughing. I should have killed you off in Chapter Four, like I’d originally—

Ahem. So . . .

I’m doing another rewrite tonight. I’m yanking the d) out of that previous scene with the FMC and the MMC and putting in some c). It’ll take care of the repetition and make that scene a little less sentimental, which should suit both of them just fine might smooth out the character development a little.

And then I’m going to plan something special for the FSC.

She deserves it.


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