Writer at work: meanwhile, links!

With thirty-six days to go, I’ve spent my day off hacking away at Pigeon Drop, with a short break for a haircut.*  Once I hit the publish button, I’m either gonna keep going or take a short nap.

Post tomorrow, I hope.

Meanwhile, you might check out Jeff Somer’s tips and anti-tips on book promotion at Novel Road (leave the monkeys and pants at home);

Alexandra Sokoloff’s examination of the Special World elements in storytelling over at Murderati;

or maybe Emily Asher-Perrin’s argument that Captain Kirk is a feminist and Spock is a green-blooded sexist pig over at Tor.com.

Love to hear your comments about that last one, by the way.

*Note to self:  Never tell your stylist-friend to do whatever she wants style-wise after your cut, lest she take it as a personal challenge.  She totally Bieberized me.

Stool Pigeon courtesy of gobbleinwoods (via Photobucket)