Capturing Scallops, Captain Kirk Style

My family is driving back from Chicago tonight, so I’m only emerging from Pigeon long enough to do e-mail and throw out a token post of video hilarity:

I don’t know if two posts and some comments constitute a Star Trek theme-of-the-week, but a friend and fellow Henry Rollins and William Shatner fan sent me the link to the following two part story and I thought I’d share.

For those of you who don’t know Henry Rollins, he’s a musician, actor, writer, poet, stand-up storyteller, world-traveler, and six-foot-plus, well-muscled, tattooed boy scout.*

And he does a darned good William Shatner impression, too.

If you don’t know who William Shatner is . . . I can’t help you in the time I’ve got.

I know these vids longish, but you can’t miss the part about the scallops.

Trust me.


*If a warning is necessary there’s about three instances of strong language in here, most of them on the seond vid.  Also, the second vid ‘sticks’ a little around the 3:20 mark.  I just drag it a couple seconds past.