Random Thursday: superglue, Wonderland, and a plea for help

This week, someone put superglue in the light switch slot and the toilet paper dispenser locks in the men’s room at one of our library branches.

Admit it—you just smiled or snickered a little.  Everyone I’ve talked with has had the same involuntary reaction.

It’s an act of vandalism and disrespect, and taxpayer money is going to be wasted replacing the locks and paying for the extra electricity until a city employee can pick the glue out of the switch.  We’re lucky the joyful jackass didn’t think to put any on the seats or the stall doors.

But I snickered, too.

Because the combination of bathrooms and superglue, for whatever deep, psychological reason, is comedy gold.


Just to carry the typewriter theme as far as I possibly can, it’s true that the last company that still made manual typewriters ceased production around April.

The article in The Atlantic is here.

Let us observe a period of silence.  If your mind drifts to eight-tracks, VHS tapes, floppy disks of all sizes, vinyl records, and cassette tapes, that’s all right.

If you have to ask what any of those things are, get thee to a dictionary, young whippersnapper—and you can look that up, too.


I’m proud to announce that I’ve redeemed myself from my failure to solve Jeff Somer’s Final Evolution puzzle and found a new favorite Time Suck.

John McDonald over at Making Light—where I lurk in silence because I’m clearly not in their league—offered three mini-puzzle games that are also chapters of a story set in a noirish, nightmarish, urban Wonderland:

Alice is Dead 1     Alice is Dead 2     Alice is Dead 3

Warning:  these are not for kids.  The humor is dark,  there’s some graphic violence, and the mental instability (of the characters, not the player, thank you very much) appears to be growing as one goes further down the Rabbit Hole.

I did mention that it’s noir, right?

The games themselves are fun and just frustrating enough—and the little ‘voice’ that narrates, offers, advice,and tells you not to annoy the spider, is both wry and Zork-like.

I budgeted twenty minutes for the first one last night as a pre-writing activity, and just made it.  I tried the second this morning, but need a little more time . . .


. . ._ _ _. . .

My husband rarely reads my blog, so I’m going to risk asking for your help in the comments:

His birthday is this Monday and I don’t have a clue what the kids can give him.  They’re making him cards, but they want to give him something he can unwrap.  My MIL and I went halvsies on his new laptop a few months ago for a very early gift, so I was thinking a carrying case or lapdesk or something.

My kids think this is boring and have suggested a few things that I’m sure he’d love, but none of them are possible or probable—though I cannot deny that the man  is worth a new car, the woman he married has a tighter budget.

The man himself shrugs when I ask him, as has been his tradition for the 22 years I’ve known him, so that’s no help.  At all.

We’re going shopping Saturday.

Any and all ideas are welcome!


Pigeon Update:  one scene revised so I could proceed to the two scenes completely and sent to First Reader on Tuesday (I think—it was either really late or very early).

Thirty days to go.  If I think of it as a Nanowrimo schedule, it doesn’t seem half as scary—or scary for different reasons.



20 thoughts on “Random Thursday: superglue, Wonderland, and a plea for help

  1. This week’s Random Thursday is AWESOME. The first bit made me snort; the second made me reflect; the third made me think; the fourth is tough (and the only suggestion I have is for the kids to try and think of something, maybe hobby-ish, that might make said hobby easier or some entertainment even better; general but maybe helpful); and the fifth is hooray-worthy.


  2. You can buy him a laptop case, a flashdrive, whatever. He’ll like whatever useful tool you pick out.

    But how about supplementing that with something really from the heart: have every member of the family write a story (or draw some pictures) about him? Reflections about what he means to them, a favorite memory, etc.?

    These are the kind of gifts that will truly keep on giving…

    • That’s a great idea! I’ll consult with Janie, although she’s really looking forward to hitting the Mall—for her Dad, of course. And maybe a few other things . . .

  3. Furry dice for the not so new car?

    Oh, and The Hub and I are going to see a local production of Guys and Dolls tomorrow night so will look out for the earful of cider reference and think of you.

    Theatre tickets? Movie tickets?

    • Enjoy the show! My favorite song is “The Oldest, Established, Permanent, Floating Crap Game in New York.” Love the harmonies.

      Our anniversary is next week, so we’re going to a movie then, but maybe a DVD would be good . . .?

  4. As far as hubby’s bday is concerned, I’m thinking you could just show up naked and call it a day. Actually, since he likes words so much you could also wear a hat that says Word. on it. Give him a giggle to accompany the excitement.

    Awesome effort on your WIP. We’re rootin’ for you!!!!!

  5. superglue plus bathroom does equal hilarious.

    I don’t know re the kids for dad present idea- depends on his personality… some of my husband’s most beloved gifts have included forbidden snack foods, bathrobe and pjs, and then a lazy day in which to indulge in the eating of snacks and the wearing of pyjamas instead of real pants…
    if your man is not of the occasionally-lazy type, maybe a gift certificate or more-unwrappable thing related to an activity all of you could go do together- movies, go-karts?
    Good luck with the birthday gifts!

  6. I know I’m too late for the birthday shopping, but maybe since father’s day is coming up, this will help. How about one of those ice cream maker balls? You fill it up with the fixin’s, and roll it around or play catch for 20 minutes, and you have ice cream.

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