The Illustrated Ant Analogy

Ant and his Droplet

There’s this ant, see?

And he’s pushing this water droplet all the way to the hill, where he hopes it will earn him an audience with the queen and maybe the opportunity to distribute the product of his toil to as many of his fellow ants as possible.

But it’s a very big droplet, the hill is a fair distance away, and water tension can be messed with only so much before the whole thing goes sploosh.

So he has to be very careful how he goes and which path he chooses.

And sometimes, even with a  deft touch and the best route possible, things still go sploosh—or evaporate.  Or the queen doesn’t care for the look of the thing—or none of the other ants are thirsty.

In fact, the odds are against his success.

But see the beautiful world reflected in that droplet?  You can tell how much he believes in it.  That’s one determined ant.

Bet he makes it.  Maybe he’ll get a three-droplet deal out of it.  It could happen.

It could happen.

I think I’ll just go finish up that next chapter, now.


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