Random Thursday: Recent smiles

Bill Douglas is a college friend of my husband.  Among Bill’s sterling qualities is incredible lung capacity and a great sense of humor.

In Cincinnati, he was—and possibly still is—known as one of the Signs of Summer:



A Scots word meaning “The act of hesitating while introducing someone because you’ve forgotten their name.”

I can’t tell you how tickled I am that there’s an actual word for this.  I’m not alone!



My Complete Third Season of Leverage shipped yesterday!

I know what I’m doing for my birthday!

Okay, yeah, probably finishing up the last chapters of Pigeon while washing down cake with diet Pepsi swilled right out of the two-liter bottle.

But if I can’t get the  first season of Doctor Eleven from the library on time, my first draft afterparty is going to be popcorn, Häagen-Dazs , and the crew doing what the crew does best.

You know you love a show when you ask a co-worker visiting Portland to try to get the autographs of the writers and producers instead of the actors.

(okay, maybe them, too)


This image.  No real reason.

(thanks, Kevin—you always make me smile)


Wrote a love scene..

No, I’m not elaborating.

But I did yesterday!


Library Raid jackets are back on sale at the Unshelved webcomic store!*

I’m hoping they’ll bring back the cap, too.

If you’ve never tried Unshelved, I recommend it—it’s an exaggerated look at library life, but only slightly.  And they do great book recommendations and excellent commentary, too.

I met Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum at the last ALA I attended, and they’re good people—they autographed their carpal tunnel off for us!


 And finally, comments make me smile.

I know, shocker—but I really appreciate you taking the time to tell me what you think (unless you think I need Viagra,  O-rings, and discount office equipment).

So let’s have more smiling around here:  What made you smile this week?


** If any family members are checking here in the hopes that I’ll drop a birthday present hints and are cursing me for preordering LeverageHint.