The Aftermath . . .

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I had a migraine aura yesterday that blinded me to everything but silver, jazz-dancing sparkles for an hour or so.

No pain this time—I can usually head that off with meds and a cool, dark room, if I catch it early enough—but it dawned on me that I might have pushed myself a little too hard the past few days and that staring at a screen for thirty-six out of  seventy-two hours might not be recommended for someone without a history of vision-related migraine problems.

So after my eyes cleared, I took the kids out to get my husband an extra Father’s Day present* and to play at the family museum for the afternoon.  No computers, no phones, no nothing.

We had ice cream on the way home and picked up some fresh corn from the savvy farmer who always sets up his stand a few crucial feet outside the property line of the grocery store.**   Later, we had hamburgers and corn on the cob, and hosed the kids down afterward in the back yard.  It was fun.

I did sneak online to check e-mail and a few of my favorite blogs, but decided anything  more would attract the attention of the silver sparkles.  So I called it a night and actually slept for seven hours straight without offspring interruptions.  I know, late birthday present.

And this morning, I had supportive comments and a recipe for chocolate-chip pumpkin muffins (courtesy of Lyra), which I made for breakfast, endearing myself to the clan and providing positive reinforcement for letting Mommy sleep through the night.

So things are looking up, even if it is Monday and I’m working the late shift at the library, surrounded by four days worth of work.

My regular writing schedule will resume tomorrow, which will, one hopes, include the time to do a more relevant and entertaining post.

I’m thinking the words will come more easily for the break.

Well . . . at least I’ll be able to see them.


*A memory card for the palm-sized camera we’d already bought, plus the ice cream maker

**  I wanted tomatoes, too, big, heavy, almost translucent red jewels that promised summer in every bite . . . but I blew most of my cash on mint chocolate chip.  While I can’t bring myself to truly regret that decision, I’ll be heading back to the stand really soon.

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