Random Thursday: Have you SEEN this yet?

I think the title says it all, so without further introduction:


From my favorite library IT guy comes images of the library of  Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm-Zentrum, the new central library of Humboldt University, in Berlin.

Take another look at that name—there’s a university library named after the Brothers Grimm, y’all.

Yes, they were both academics and Jacob alone  is considered one of the founders of the field of Germanic linguistic studies, but c’mon, two storytellers have their own library.

But it’s not a piddly  little courtesy one—it was designed by Swiss architect Max Dudler and holds two million volumes.

 And it’s breakthtaking:

Click on the photo for more gorgeousness

I doubt they’ll be hiring any American librarians with outdated experience in the academic field and a dubious grasp of the German classification system, but I’m brushing up my hochdeutch, just in case.


Found these while I was searching for the broken teacup for yesterday’s post:

One must always take care whilst dusting one’s knuckledusters.


One day, I followed a link down a rabbit hole and ended up at the blog of one K. Marie Criddle.   I stayed there for a very long time.

If you don’t already follow it, you should.  Ms. Criddle, a children’s and YA writer and illustrator is funny and energetic and whimsical and wry.

She also draws  marvelous panels about writing, like “Research”, or why I watched five hours of Tina Fey this weekend  and even ropes her husband into doing the occasional advice post for spouses of writers.

Go now.  Start with this one, it’s got bats.

But don’t forget to come back!


And finally, my husband found something so amazing that he e-mailed me the link at work, even though I couldn’t view it until I got home.

I watched it twice by myself and three times with my children, and forced my MIL to watch it and e-mailed to to my parents, following that up with a phone call.

If you do not exclaim with wonder around the 43-second mark, I promise to  refund you the cost of this post, less shipping and handling:

Any takers?  Didn’t think so.

My husband and I agree that Theo Jansen’s strandbeests are the stuff of which Jim Henson’s dreams were made.