You are Cordially Invited to a Potty Party!

The proud parents of Sunny Wesson would like to invite you to a celebration of her ability to finally use the Big Potty on a permanent basis.*

It took years of practice, strong determination, and—ultimately—height, but her training is finally complete!

  The potty is over!


* They would also like to celebrate the enlargement and fresher scent of the bathroom, qualities that they hope will last until the Era of Grandchildren.


19 thoughts on “You are Cordially Invited to a Potty Party!

  1. I LOVE that you gave her this proud, grownup moment of putting it in the trash! Yay, Sunny!

    Plus, one less thing to have to clean in the bathroom!

    When my two college-age sons learn to put the toilet seat down, I’m going to snap a shot of them doing so. Don’t hold your breath.

    • She told every person she met for the rest of the day that she was a big girl ’cause she recycled her little potty, ’cause she can use the big potty because she’s a big girl, right Mommy?


      Good luck in your quest — we had to get a cat who drank out of the toilet before my husband would put the lid down. Unfortunately, the cat passed away a few years ago, and he’s starting to lose the habit . . .

  2. Mazel Tov!!!! That’s some supremely excellent news.

    Meanwhile my son misfires every morning. I’ve threatened to put him back in diapers. I really don’t care how many landfills have my name on it!

  3. And may I join the Hallelujah chorus?!
    Now in case it’s been awhile, may I suggest you invest in a new pair of running shoes and nightly crunches. I was so thrilled recently when my youngest went through the same milestone that I had forgotten what itt was like to sprint diagonally across Target with a toddler saying “I’ve got to GOOOOOO!!!”.
    I know every bathroom in every store and restaurant in a 15 mile radius. And I can get to any of them in 30 seconds flat.
    May the force be with you…maybe this is where the “baby weight” will finally come off. Some people say you can only use that for the first year, but well, he’ll be three in August and I’m still saying it. I’m pretty sure if we consulted mothers exclusively, I’d be right about this.

    • Oh, I’ve broken in two pairs of running shoes since Sunny started training and have long overcome the stress of abandoning grocery carts in the middle of check-out.

      The crunches would be an excellent addition, though!

  4. Woot! Woot!

    The potty years are fading from my memory, but at least one snapshot remains. Missy in the bathroom, having done her business (“No, Mummy I do it by myself. I’m a big girl”) Me standing outside the door: “Can I come in now?”

    I open the door and she has inserted the entire potty (smaller version than Sunny’s!) into the toilet and is washing it!!

    I didn’t know whether to scream in horror or give her a standing ovation…..

  5. No littles of my own, but many years ago, my niece (who was about that age at the time), was sitting on my husband’s lap watching him play computer games, when she announced that she had to ‘go’. My husband’s response? “Just a minute.” (He’s obviously the youngest in his family)

    Congrats to Sunny (and to you!).

  6. Yay! This is the most awesome send-off ever. When I have a child, this must be done. Excellent. Congrats to the big girl and her proud parents!

    • She’s just tickled about all the applause here!

      Janie, of course, thinks it’s totally unfair that I didn’t have a blog when she threw hers away.

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