Down at the Lock and Dam

The family went to the banks of Mississippi today and explored the Lock and Dam and the small river museum.

Sunny was really into the exhibits, and had to be forcibly removed from the inside of this one:

But the view from the observation deck was stunning:

In case you ever wondered what the lock part of a lock and dam system looks like:

And the other half—see that vertical cut in the side?  It’s a ladder, in case anyone falls in.   If you ever do, warned our tour guide, don’t swallow any of the water:

No boats or barges came through while we were there. One gentleman kept asking the Corps of Engineers employee whether they were sure nothing would arrive in time for his family to see. She kept telling him that no barges were due, and leisure traffic generally only warned them half an hour ahead, so she couldn’t predict anything.

This clearly wasn’t the answer he wanted. “Can’t you just fill it up for us?”

Ummm. No. “But there is a model over there with water,” she said, pointing to the children’s area, where my children were busy drowning the city in miniature.

I didn’t hear his reply—I had to save the city. And the floor.

And  take one last picture of a nearby historic clock tower:

And then take us all for ice cream.

It was a Very Good Day.  How was yours?


7 thoughts on “Down at the Lock and Dam

  1. Ate food cooked by the VFW, and played in a muni band concert, so I had to record Leverage. It was still a pretty good evening.

    We actually got to see a barge going through one of the lock & dams when we were on our honeymoon (many years ago!). It was very interesting, although living so close to the river, I’m sure you get many more chances than I. Sounds like the family had a good time. Have a great 4th.

    • Thanks, Downith!

      Is it true that you’re going to be able to visit Canada soon for a visit? Because it sounds like you’re missing it.

  2. I enjoyed your view of the lock and dam. I lived fairly close to one of those as a boy and it was fun watching the barges move through.
    A very good day indeed. Mowed the lawn, Shopped for cook out supplies. Worked on my chair reupholstery project. Accompanied my son on a practice driving run. Ended the day with a Blizzard with my wife and son. Good days must end with ice cream don’t you think? Probably just a limited sample set. I’ve had other good days where ice cream wasn’t involved. Happy Independence Day!

  3. Sounds like a good title for your next WIP. Lock and Dam. Or, rather, Lock and Damn.

    We spent the day in and out of department stores. My kids entertained themselves by finding bits of garbage (or, in their eyes, treasure) on the floor. We came home with a couple of buttons, two barrettes, three marbles and a dime. I told them they had to leave the rusty nails.

    • Oooo—you’re right . . . I’ll put that down on my list! 🙂

      Rusty nails in a department store? Gaahh. We usually come home with a handful of those weird plastic pins, but Sunny is great at finding money.

      Have a great fourth!

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