Essentially Lazy, Interactive, In-Law Battle of the Trek Fanvids Post

My husband’s brother and his wife came up to visit for the weekend.  It was great—as expected, the kids glommed onto their uncle* and we all roamed the town and countryside and had a lot of ice cream.**

My BIL’s wife is one of the cooler people on the planet, and he’s a big ‘ol nerd, too, so we swapped all kinds of music and vids and “have you seens” and “play that for thems.” Thanks to Kevin the Earworm King, I held my own, but I learned a lot.

Like Irish folk punk is almost as good as cello heavy metal.

I was also introduced to Weird Al’s “Weasel Stomping Day,” which is as disturbing as you might imagine, and I countered with a pretty good Marvel vs D.C. parody.  Round that off with the best whiskey commercial in the world (thanks, Kev), and you have yourself a YouTube ParTay.

Yeah, sorry, won’t ever say that again, promise.  But it’s obvious I married into the right family.

But the stars of the show—as befits a family of nerds—were two Star Trek fanvids, one of which I think I’ve shared here before.  But we couldn’t decide which was the best.  It didn’t help that one was classic and one was from the 2009 movie.

Arguments broke out.   Small children woke up and wandered in to offer their unsolicited opinions.  My MIL abstained.  Popcorn may have been thrown.***

No consensus was achieved.

So, while I’m busy making up the writing time tonight, I thought y’all might help us out.

Best part:  “The party don’t start, ’til I walk in.”


Best part:  Depends, but Chekov’s bit is the point where I lost it.

Vote in the comments, please–even if you’ve never commented here before. C’mon, take a chance!

You’re welcome to pretend you’re voting ironically, if you like.


*Sunny was fascinated with his leg hair and spent a lot of time sitting on his feet, petting his calves.  When we asked her, she just giggled.

**They went out on their own one evening, but soon returned, astonished that none of the local pizza places were open after nine on a Saturday.  We couldn’t explain it, mostly because we’d didn’t know about it—we’d never tried to order pizza that late.   They just blinked at us.

***But not pizza, for obvious reasons.

XKCD Comic by the incomparable Randall Munroe