First draft: elephant on a velocipede*

The entire family—except for me, and I’m really close—is taking a nap right now after an incredible buffet lunch at our favorite India restaurant. I may have overdone the saag paneer and gulab jamun just a bit, but I can still move my fingers, so I thought I’d post early today:

I posted the first bit of the first draft of something from my Possibility folder over at The Intern’s place for the International Sh!tty First Draft Week Contest. 

As I sort of explained over there, the posted bit and several of the following pages were cut from the next draft because none of it was the actual story—it was all just me trying to catch a glimpse of the elephant while, apparently, channeling Damon Runyan and Mark Twain while listening to an internal soundtrack made of circus music.

When it comes to crappy first drafts, never say I don’t deliver.

Wondermark! is the brilliant work of the genius who is David Malki ! Revere him.

*My husband:  “Second draft: Rhinos on ice!”


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