Lollipop, lollipop . . .

I took the kids and my MIL out to lunch today at the new Japanese buffet—there was sushi everywhere.*   The kids were given enormous lollipops with their fortune cookies** and were still working on them when we reached the grocery store.

Sugar and grocery shopping.  Yeah.  Rookie mistake.

Sunny in particular was all over the place, careening around and bouncing off innocent shoppers like a little curly-headed pinball with this lollipop stuck in her mouth.  

At one point she decided to rearrange an entire shelf of soup cans and  I was forced to give her The Look.  She eeked, ran to hide behind her grandmother, and hugged her tightly around the legs.

My MIL got this shocked look on her face, reached behind her and said, “Oooo!  Sunny, don’t poke me with your lollipop stick.”

We stared at each other.  I lost it first—but she was louder.

The kids, lollipops still in their mouths, just stared at us, the crazy grown-ups howling in the aisle.

“You know this is going in the blog,” I told her, when I could. 

And it did.

*Luckily, there were also noodles, chocolate pudding, rice, jello, assorted veggies, etc., so no one actually starved.

**My fortune: An unexpected windfall will be yours. I showed it to Janie, who swallowed a prodigious spoonful of ice cream, said, “Windfall,” and pointed to the fan directly above my head. That earned a high-five and a first bump.


9 thoughts on “Lollipop, lollipop . . .

  1. I’m impressed that your kids will eat sushi. I have to admit, even I’m a little squeamish.

  2. Sugar grocery store only works if they’re still young enough to be strapped in the cart.

    The upside? At least she was only poking a family member…

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