Random Thursday: Footnoteless Frivolities and Questionable Jokes

And now, for something completely different . . .

This makes me happy.

epic win photos - Crayon Carving WIN

I’m not sure why.


The past, present, and future walk into a bar.

It was tense.


My husband has played in an Adult Sandlot Baseball League for two seasons, and a few days ago they played an evening game in a real baseball stadium.

Looks good, doesn’t he? And his team won by eight.

Janie took this photo—note the absence of my right thumb—because, naturally, it was my one late night this month at the library, so I missed the whole thing.


Knock Knock.

Who’s there?


To who?

Tsk, tsk . . .   To whom.


Spike heels, for reals:

What are the odds I could wear these for more than three minutes without twisting an ankle, snapping a calf muscle, or perforating something vital?

Yeah . . . that’s what I thought.


Fifty-one jokes in four minutes.

You have four minutes to spare, right?

The management is not responsible for any further time lost by viewing any (or all) of the vlogbrother’s joke marathons.

But try the nerd one next.


10 thoughts on “Random Thursday: Footnoteless Frivolities and Questionable Jokes

  1. i love the crayons too…here are my theories why:

    -first, they’re crayons. the most perfect toy ever.
    -second, they’re arranged perfectly per their color, they got that rainbow thing going on and who doesn’t love the right assemblance of color?
    -it’s got an 80s art poster feel to it. (again, who doesn’t love the 80s?!)
    -i’m partial to the shapes. i like regular things in a different context.

    it’s late, i’m reading way too deep into everything. i’m pretty sure i’d end up slicing open my achillies heel in those shoes.

    • You make good points, amy! Ah, the ‘eighties . . . 😀

      I’d also like to think that someone just picked up a crayon and sarted fiddling with it, maybe carving out a chunk,then another one, and just kept going . . .

      I think those shoes were designed so no one else could get to your heels.

  2. I love those crayons too. Now thanks to Amy I have to try to analyze why as well.

    1. They’re crayons and I can just imagine that sweet waxy smell.
    2.I’m thinking of the incredible craftsmanship it took to carve them into those shapes (even though it was probably either a machine or a photoshop thing)
    3. They make me think of other things – for example, the yellow one looks like a Crunchie bar.
    4. Hmmm, Crunchie bar………

  3. Yesterday one of my kids stepped on my foot and I nearly sang out in pain. Those shoes would have been perfect.

    I like that picture, too. I think it’s the black background that does it for me.

    Yay for athletic husbands and good simple jokes. I’m going to recite a few of these today!

  4. You know why I love those crayons? They’re so preeeetty 🙂

    That tense joke i one of my favourites. Every time I tell it, I laugh before I get to the punchline.

    Have bookmarked the joke video to watch when the horde of teenage girls have vacated my house!

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