Booktrailers on a Budget: Feel the Magic

There’s some question about whether book trailers help sell books. Until that question is definitively answered, it seems to me that one wouldn’t want to blow one’s entire advertising budget on trailers.

The repurposing award goes to romance author Tessa Dare:

She gets an additional credit for this one, which was a fundraiser auction item to help a fellow writer in need:

Maggie Stiefvater, who writes YA paranormals, is so relentlessly creative and funny that you don’t even notice that her books aren’t mentioned until the last three seconds:

She also does a good line in playdough stop-action. I understand the labor involved, but I still wish this one was longer:

But Jeff Somers, author of the dystopian Avery Cates series (which I’ve reviewed extensively), not only ropes people in with his hilarious Ask Jeff Anything vids, which cost nothing but time and dignity,  but has recently asked his fans to do the work for a very specific kind of series trailer:

Explanation, if necessary, is here.*

What do you think?  Are book trailers effective?  Are expensive book trailers more effective? Does it even matter, as long as there are handpuppets and trews involved? Do you have a favorite example to share?


* I have to be a part of this and am planning on using handpuppets in a way Tessa Dare would probably not approve.


8 thoughts on “Booktrailers on a Budget: Feel the Magic

  1. The first two made me smile. Then I sat through the whole of Maggie’s trailer thinking ‘she’s never gonna sell me on the Kraken idea’. I don’t want to spoil it, but let’s just say I’ll definitely be checing out her site. That was pure genius!

    So, before this I would have said that trailers didn’t make a lot of difference to me. Now I’d say that an original trailer will at least make me check out the author 🙂

  2. Sarah,
    Wonderful choices. My two cents? I think book trailers can be really effective for certain types of books, YA being one of them. I think a book trailer for a thriller or mystery could be really cool too if it was made either like a movie trailer or a music video.
    It I was to make one…it just wouldn’t make sense. It’s not paced quickly enough. But who knows, maybe that’s a sign of a problem with the book…
    My favorite part about the homemade ones is to watch people who not only write, but you can just see that every aspect of their lives is infused with creativity. Fantastic.

    • YA trailers are usually the best, though romance are definitely contenders.

      I think homemade ones show more about the book . . . which makes sense!

  3. I love all of these, especially that first one. I don’t think I’ll look at my kids’ play the same ever again. Plus, it’s clear we need some male Barbie’s in the house.

    • We have three: Eugene from Tangled, whats-his-name from Enchanted, and Generic Ken.

      They’re definitely second-class citizens in the playroom—girls rule.

  4. I think whimsical could work depending on the book …

    Didn’t watch them all, but loved the playdoh one. Also I think the first one would have been better without her intro…

    It’s fun to think about stuff like this, but I’m not even close to having a book yet .

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