A memory, a favor, and an opportunity to harvest some cash

When I was a teenager, my favorite babysitting gigs were for one of my mother’s good friends.  Her two sons were well-behaved and utterly cool kids who drew pictures and argued Star Trek with me and grew up to be amazing adults.*  Of course, their mother is a writer, so how could they miss?

She e-mailed me today and asked that I pass along information about the 2011 Harvest the Cash Fall Contest, hosted by the Hamilton Writers Guild, of which she is a member. 

The word limit is reasonable, the prizes are substantial, the entry fee is minimal, and the rules are here.

Short stories are not my forte, but I’m going to give it a try, just to see if I can write a general fiction story and fit a coherent beginning, middle, and end into 1500 words.

Anyone care to join me?  I might need some help figuring  out what general fiction is . . .


*And one of them married a girl named Sarah, of which you can make what you will.


13 thoughts on “A memory, a favor, and an opportunity to harvest some cash

  1. I’m in.
    My posts are just shy of 1500 words, so to write an entire story in that space? Oh, ha. Hahahaha.

    I need a break from my brain, maybe this will do the trick.

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