Lifting my Spirits II

Friday’s balloon parade would have been enough sky wonder to last me for days, but Saturday, we went to the annual kite festival by the river.

See that middle one?  It started out like this:

But eventually . . .

With a good tailwind and enough line (and one expert wrangler whose forearms must be like Popeye’s) . . .

Anything is possible:

Scores of amateur flyers brought out their own gorgeous windpets:


The Wesson kites were, of course, made of the finest materials . . .

 . . . But it didn’t matter.  That homely paper sucker stayed up for the better part of an hour—a testimony to the dedication of an eight-year old and the tenacity of paint-tape.

Meanwhile, Sunny learned a new skill in the play area . . .


She’s tenacious, too!

 The way this weekend went, I thought we’d learn to fly today without benefit of airplane, but it rained instead.  That’s okay—I’m grateful it held back long enough to give us two days of color.  And a couple of pretty good kite analogies, too.


13 thoughts on “Lifting my Spirits II

  1. I adore your kite. I cannot believe you got it to fly with painter’s tape holding it together. The faith of an eight-year-old is right!

    And Sunny bounding away now that she has her own transportation in the last shot. So adorable.

    • The wind had a lot to do with it, too—I’ve never been able to just toss a kite in the air and have it take off. It was brilliant.

      What the images can’t show is that Sunny was chanting, “Boingy, boingy, boingy!” as she went along . . . too, too cute.

  2. Those hoppity balls are worth their weight in gold. Run thee to the internet right this minute and purchase your girls them. My 10 year old had a friend over the other day and they were giggling so hard you’d have thought they had been given laughing gas.

    Awesome work on the kite. A+ for tenacity!

  3. Loving all of these colorful kites, and great photos of them sailing around in the wind. I was just over at MSB’s and reading about her end of summer day. This makes me think the same. A beautiful sky over your weekend ….

    • Fairly tolerable, if soggy! 🙂

      I thought it was a balloon, too, at first but it was a kite—isn’t that amazing?

      (please for to notice my thumb isn’t in any of these photos—I’m improving!)

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