Random Thursday: Rockin’ the Oobleck

Other people’s husbands send them flowers. Mine sends things like this:

funny puns - Both Crownies Were Charged

In his defense, he knows I prefer both crows and puns to roses.*

There doesn’t seem to be a specific number of crows in a murder,** but I did discover that another name for a flock of these birds is a storytelling.

A storytelling of crows . . .

I like that.


Joke of the Week
(as told by the twelve-year-old next door as he helped himself to a bucketful of acorns from our back patio)

Knock knock! How many chickens does it take to cross the road?

Three: One to stop the traffic, one to dart across, and one to answer the door.


Getting my Geek on:

Non-Newtonian fluids rock—literally.

This is even more mesmerizing than last week’s jello thing.

Plus, this particular fluid is called an oobleck—after Bartholomew and the Oobleck by Dr. Seuss!

I know!


* Except in February, May, and June—though purple tulips are even better.

** “More than two” is the general assumption for any flock. There appears to be seven geese per gaggle, though I suspect that number came from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.


12 thoughts on “Random Thursday: Rockin’ the Oobleck

    • Excellent choice! Do you use them as a specific symbol or in different ways?

      My town is on the migration route of a huge storytelling ( 🙂 ) of crows—every October, they form a thick outline over the tops of trees and buildings along the river. They should be here any day now.

  1. I laughed out loud at that crow picture. It’s brilliant. Would you mind if I reposted it? (With credit of course).

    Also, if it’s not a stupid question, what do kids do with acorns,and why do you have a bucket of them?

    • Of course you can use it! The embed code is here. You should probably credit the cheezburger site instead of me, though.

      I have no earthly idea what kids do with acorns, but we have the most fertile oak tree in existence in our back yard and our patio is three inches deep in them, so as long as they take them away, I don’t care.

      • because my husband forces me to watch Man, Woman, Wild, I found out last night that you can eat acorns should you be lost in a forest with no m&ms or likely way out.

  2. Storytelling of crows. Fantastic.

    On acorns…
    When my daughter was 4, she was a great collector of things, mainly rocks and leaves. There would always be things in her pockets, pants, coats, bags. She had cup holders on her booster seat that opened and closed. One day, I opened her cup holder to find some acorns and some small rocks that appeared to be moving. The bottom was filled with maggots (or something that looked like them). There was a giant hole in the acorn.

    Needless to say, after I calmly assessed the situation (it’s my lie, I’ll tell it how I want to), I no longer allow acorns in the house/car/anywhere near me. The end.

  3. I have to admit I’m a little creeped out by all birds, but crows are at the top. I don’t know–it just seems they have really old souls. I’m not sure why I feel that way. But calling them a murder or a storytelling is super cool. And if it’s between the cornstarch boogie and the slow-mo jello, the jello still wins in my heart, though DJing cornstarch is definitely an undiscovered talent.

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