Men of the Stacks–for the library lover in all of us

Librarianship has, over the course of the last hundred years or so, become something of a pink collar career. Male librarians are viewed as statistical improbabilites—quota fillers and tokens, if you please. 

This is mostly* unfair, and the ones I know prefer to think of themselves as Quality over Quantity

Here’s proof:

This calendar not only celebrates the diversity of the men who labor in the library trenches, but all proceeds from each sale goes to the It Gets Better Project™

It almost doesn’t matter that Mr. January made me drop my gum and Mr. September . . . never mind.

So if you’re looking for a gift for those librarians (ahem) or library lovers (double ahem) on your list this winter, look no further.   I know my Mom** is getting one.

As of this posting, five hundred calendars have been sold.  What say we help out with the next hundred?


*The token part, not the improbability part.  I don’t know from quotas, but there’s no denying that there aren’t as many male librarians as there were in the beginning of the profession.  There’s a theory that the switch happened when the Powers that Be realized it was cheaper to hire female librarians as general staff and keep the men in the admin positions . . . But that discussion clearly belongs in another post.

**The woman is crazy about, um, dachshunds . . . yeah . . . that’s it.