Janie’s Spacescape(s)

Janie’s art teacher sent me a scanned copy of her oil pastel third-grade art project today.

In my completely biased opinion—which is based solely on blatant favoritism and lack of artistic knowledge—it’s beautiful:

And it brightened my day.



I showed Janie the above blog entry just now, and I wish you could have seen her smile–it rivaled the glow of that little planet in the right-hand lower corner.

“How did you . . . ?  I’m in the blog?” She hugged me and did her happy jump at the same time.  “That is so cool, Mommy!”

“It’s gorgeous, honey.”

“Thanks! But it’s upside-down.”

I looked at it.  “Are you sure?  Your teacher sent it that way.”

“She did?  I’m sure.  That little planet is supposed to be here.  No,wait.  Here.”

“Upside-down and reversed?”

“I guess.”

Who am I to argue with the artist?*

Hmmm . . .

I still like it.


*Rhetorical, if you don’t mind.