Happy Halloween!

Winky Wesson likes to flirt.

You’ll be happy to know that my husband managed to keep that giant bag of Hershey mini-bars intact.  I still don’t know where he hid them,* but he’s been appointed Official Guardian of the kids’ Christmas presents.

At this posting, I should be driving slowly home in the hopes that he’ll beat me home and win neighborhood escort duty for two costumed kids who’re already well sugar-rushed from their school parties.

This year, Janie is a dark-haired Gothic Queen,** with a black and red velvet scarf—chopped off from the bottom of her dress, which was a foot too long— thrown around her neck.  and Sunny is a Batgirl with curly blond hair, a mask she’d wear to bed if we let her, and bright, bat-signal-yellow tights.***

I actually did dress up this year, adding a pair of red plastic devil horns to my usual toner-colored ensemble,^  which prompted this conversation at work:

“Hey, Sarah, you glue those things on?”

“Nah, I thought I’d grow ‘em out for the holidays.”

“Ha ha ha! Um. . . Really?”


Have a thrilling Halloween!^^


* Not that I was looking, you understand . . .

** Because she hates the Batwing collar and plastic dentures parts of her Vampire Queen costume.  If she’d waited for me to take her to the cheaper Halloween store, she could have gone as the Spider Empress, with rings and webby faux earrings and a silver spider yo-yo. . . but no.  I do have to admit that she looks disturbingly good in blood red.

***We Love Colors is an amazing source for tights in tough-to-find colors in just about every size—no joke. They’re pricey, but even my kids outgrow the lycra ones before they wear ‘em out. I’ve been known to wear a pair, and tights and I have had a non-aggression pact since the mid-eighties.

^ That’s as good as it gets, folks— no one’s paying me in free candy.

^^No, this isn’t our house.  We like our neighbors.


12 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. I can’t decide if I would love or hate Christmas in that neighborhood. I hope you, your husband and the girls get all the candy you need (but not all that you want). And there’s nothing wrong with growin’/showin’ a little horn. 😉

    • It’s a little after 7:30 right now, and they’ve already been by twice to empty their candy buckets! I’ve already called dibs on the Milky Ways! 😀

      Oddly enough, no one asked me if I was horny today — they were probably afraid of my answer!

  2. Good for you, for donning even a minor costume!

    Halloween has never been one of my favorite holidays, but I do miss my boys’ excitement about their costumes and coming up with new ideas each year for our pumpkins. I managed some amazing ones through the years, from Bert and Ernie to Darth Maul from Star Wars.

    This year? I did NOTHING. Getting old is boring, but infinitely easier…

  3. Where can I find one of those non-aggression treaties with panty hose/tights/Spanx of any kind? Thank you for your prompt response.
    No Stretch Mark Left Behind

    • Oh, there were years of broken promises, physical pain, and mental anguish on both sides before the agreement was finally hammered out. Neither of us got exactly what we wanted, but the compromise—and the establishment of a substantial No Woman’s Land—-allowed us all to retain a bit of dignity and raise our hopes that there would, someday, be no more chafing and no more snags . . .

    • My husband carves a good pumpkin. The kids do the designs and he does the surgery.

      I’m all for simplicity when it comes to my costumes—it gives me the energy to deal with the kids’ idea of simple costumes! 🙂

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