Just my kids and me . . .

epic win photos - Door Hanger WIN

My husband is teaching a late class and my MIL has a program she wants to watch, so the kids and I are hanging out tonight, building a huge fort out of couch cushions and having a dance marathon.

Yeah, that’s right—on a school night.   ‘Cause we’re rebels.

Janie has just discovered the Big Band sound, so we’ll be dancing to Brian Setzer (after the commercial,* sorry):

And since Sunny just discovered our Schoolhouse Rocks Music CDs, we’ll also be waltzing to things like this:


And then popcorn, brushing, and bed — and then maybe some writing time for Mommy, unless I try to win the dance contest, at which point there will be heating pads and Advil as well.

Wish me luck!

*Well . . . we dance to commercials, sometimes too . . .  And popcorn.  And the clothes dryer when we forget to check pockets for change . . .


16 thoughts on “Just my kids and me . . .

    • Sorry—I used it all up to “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” even before Janie put on her Blue Man Group concert. Whew!

      I held my own, though, until we hit the Kodo drummers. Or vice versa.

  1. Pillow forts! My favorite, can I come over next time? (Around here, we do sheet tents, where you stretch a sheet or blanket over the furniture to make a tent. Insert child, book, flashlight. Naptime for mama.)

  2. You had me at popcorn.

    We replaced our battered old couch in the snug last year with a leather one. The cushions in the leather one are not removeable. The kids still haven’t forgiven us.

    • C’mon over! Bring chocolate Hobnobs!

      The Kid in me wouldn’t forgive you, either. But the Mommy who was faced with putting together two couches and a loveseat last night (after folding four fitted sheets) wonders if that kind of furniture is available around here . . .

        • I’m not sure—there was a discussion a while back on Murderati about Cadbury chocolate rolls, where I said that Hobnobs were one of my top five reasons to visit England. But I don’t remember talking about them here or at your place.

          There’s a fabulous grocery store near where my parents live that carries UK imports. Mom brought up some Hobnobs at Thanksgiving one year and I fell in love, probably because I can’t get them here. But then Mom’s store stopped carrying them. Sigh . . .

        • No, we haven’t had the discussion. Will save it for when we are meeting for coffee and chocolate hobnobs. Now was that plain choc or milk choc?

  3. Since I spent half of my sons’ childhood years as a single mom, I have loads of great experiences going it alone.

    (And some not so great experiences, too.)

    I suggest eating supper in the bathtub. (Be sure it’s dry though.) It’s a hoot.

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