Car Tunes, the Sharing

We went to the car wash this afternoon,* but first I had to clean the kidscat out of the backseat—I was only springing for an exterior wash, but the accumulated junk in the interior was still embarrassing:  six mangled picture books, three bottles of water, a bent umbrella, three empty juice boxes, two go-bags stuffed full of melted crayons and crumpled paper, half a petrified doughnut in a paper bag, innumerable hair ornaments, enough crumbs to feed the rat population of Newark for a week, and a buck eighty-four in pennies.

To be fair, I also removed six or seven empty bottles of diet Pepsi from the front passenger footwell, but that’s only because I wanted to recycle them and kept forgetting.

There were also a cascade of empty CD cases—I take the CDs out because the little storage shelf under the stereo isn’t big enough for more than three or four cases, and I keep forgetting to bring them back inside.** I stacked them up, set them on the seat, and, on a whim, grabbed the CDs off the shelf and shuffled through*** the music I listen to while I drive around.

My first thought was, Hey!  Blog post!^

Followed quickly by But take that one out first.  And maybe that one, too.

And then, Why?

So here,in total honesty, are the CDs currently in my car, from top of the pile to the bottom, with occasional annotation:

Apocalyptica, Inquisition Symphonybecause there’s nothing like heavy metal cellos to get you through rush hour, even if you can’t rush.  Plus it confuses the heck out of the driver in the next lane.

The Brian Setzer Ochestra, The Dirty BoogieI love big band music and swing.  Love it.  Cherished the week and a half that it was back in style, ten years ago.  And when it comes back ’round again, I’ll be ready.

The soundtrack to Sherlock Holmes — Violins dancing.

The soundtrack to Iron Man I have yet to see a Robert Downey, Jr. movie that doesn’t have an amazing soundtrack.  That’s all the excuse I’m offering for this one . . . ’cause that’s all I got.

Garrison Keillor’s Comedy Theater, Disc 2 — It’s difficult to express how huge a Prairie Home Companion geek I am, but  I own five PHC collections.  This particular disc has the “Influenza Opera” on it and an ode to Newt Gringrich from the National Arts Council.  So it’s a bit dated . . . But still funny.

Trout Fishing in America, Big Round World — When you find a musical group that caters to kids and doesn’t make you gnaw the steering wheel by the third full repeat, you buy all of their CDs and keep at least one in your car at all times.  Even the Christmas one.

Music Inspired by Mission Impossible 2 —  Some of these songs are on my Pigeon playlist.  Most aren’t.

Medieval Bæbes, Worldes Blysse — If I could sing like this . . .

Linkin Park, Meteora  Sometimes, you need good, angry emo.  This is good, angry emo.

Nickelback, All the Right Reasons — Yeah.  I listen to the most hated band in America in my car.  The one that Henry Rawlins says would be a deal-breaker on a first date.   What’s more, I  have  several of their songs on the Pigeon list, including the title track and  “If it’s Worth Saving Me.”  I often swap this CD out with Dark Horse. And I don’t care.

Robin Williams, Weapons of Self Destruction — Does anyone actually find this surprising?  Plus, put a beard and twenty years on him, and Robin looks just like my dad.  It’s weird.

Justin Robert, Yellow Bus —  It’s a facet of parenthood that isn’t mentioned in the brochure:  sometimes you just have to suck it up and gnaw the steering wheel.

Metallica and the San Francisco Orchestra, S&M Album, disc 2 — There’s something about metal on orchestral instruments that does it for me, and the audience reactions just feed the energy.  I have nothing against disc 1, but all my favorites are on this one.  In my opinion, the definitive versions of “For Whom the Bell Tolls” and “Enter Sandman” are here.^^

So, here’s the double dog dare:  What CDs are in your car?  And if you don’t have a car and/or a CD-player, what’s on the last playlist you listened to?  Or if you’re old school, what plays on your favorite radio station?

Be honest.

Annotations are welcome, but optional.


*For those of you who tuned in Thursday, yes, there was popcorn.

**An absentminded lifestyle doesn’t just happen.  It has to be cultivated.  

***Literally, not electronically.  My next car will have a USB for my MP3 playerthough by the time I can save up a decent down payment, both will probably be obsolete.  We’ll be downloading music telepathically from the ‘Net Cloud . . . iWorm, they’ll call it.

^Okay, my first thought was, Eclectic isn’t quite the word, but MPD might be the acronym.

^^And I miss Jason Newstead . . . I understand why he left and Robert Trujillo does have serious chops, but still . . . I don’t know, maybe I’m just a sucker for a redhead.


15 thoughts on “Car Tunes, the Sharing

  1. Quite the eclectic list, you have (channeling Yoda)

    Great idea for a post, by the way. I had gotten into the habit of only listening to my mp3 player in the car, and forgoing my CD collection. Then my tape player adapter (yes…old equipment in my vehicle) broke…or my tape player broke (not sure which)…so I had to switch back to my 5 disk CD player. Interesting how most of the CDs on this list have not made it to my mp3 player yet.

    Buddy Rich – Big Band Machine – I actually lifted this from my son’s collection. Great jazz arrangements and Buddy Rich was just Awesome.

    Chuck Mangione – The Best of Chuck Mangione- I mainly listen to this for 3 songs. The Land of Make Believe, The Children of Sanchez, and Hill Where the Lord Hides. The rest of his stuff, I find to mellow to drive to.

    Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – I underappreciated this album as a youngster. Such a great songwriter, and Bernie Taupin a terrific lyricist.

    The Beatles – Let it Be…Naked – I’m normally a snob to revisionist recordings, but I appreciate the stripped down recordings of these songs. The original release is still my 3rd favorite Beatle album though.

    Chicago – Chicago Transit Authority – A rockin’ start to any drive

    Held in reserve
    The Beatles – Sgt Pepper
    Joe Williams – Count Basie Swings, Joe Williams Sings
    Rich Mullins – Songs
    The Chieftains- Tears of Stone

    • I love Buddy Rich! I have Buddy Rich Just Sings somewhere . . . I should find it. And I was raised on the Chieftains—my parents have most of their albums (on vinyl, naturally), but I haven’t even tried to find them on CD . . . thanks for the reminder, John!

      But I know I’ll be humming from Sgt. Pepper for the next few days . . . I hope it’s the title song—“Penny Lane,” is tenacious earworm.

  2. I love this! And the various descriptions, dancing violins, make me want to check them all out! You have to do a post on your Pigeon playlist. Do you listen while writing or do the songs just remind you of character/plot/something else?

    Okay, my radio is usually on NPR, but because of my drive yesterday I actually do have some on there…
    Dave Matthews Band-Crash (and a few other old ones that I can’t think of because I’m a bit hungover this morning…)
    John Mayer -Room For Squares (embarrasssed about this one…how can I listen to someone who repeatedly proves what a douchebag he is…uggh)

    • Hung over? From the face-to-face? Sigh . . . wish I could have been there. Wait, that sounds wrong . . . You know what I mean.

      Music helps me with everything from mood-prep to characters and plot. I do write to it . . . though sometimes just to shut out the world, I won’t lie.

      I don’t know much about Adele—I’ll have to investigate—but I love the Dave Matthews Band. Actually, I love Dave Matthews, but that’s probably a given.

      Don’t be embarrassed—Room for Squares was released before Mayer started to self-destruct. Besides, the entertainment industry (among others) is full of talented asshats. It’s difficult to avoid them. I have a couple of 3OH!3 songs on my MP3—though I see them as more opportunistic than misogynists.

  3. Love how eclectic your tastes are!

    I seldom listen to anything in the car anymore. I really like using the time to think and ponder and write in my head. And bitch about other drivers. Seriously though, I spent ten hours in the car this weekend and never played a single tune.

    I do listen to music at work though. If I’m writing, I can only listen to instrumental stuff so the lyrics don’t trip me up. The soundtrack from Somewhere in Time is my favorite. When I’m working on more brain-dead tasks, I do a lot of Beatles, James Taylor, and Indigo Girls. And this week I’m on a roll with the Wicked soundtrack. Some gorgeous songs that just make me sigh.

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