By the time you read this, I’ll be sitting in a Greek-ish cafe with several of my favorite co-workers for one of our periodical* after-work TGIF dinners, for which we book** reservations at a new restaurant so we can check out*** the food, atmosphere, and odds of a decent margarita.^

Tonight will be especially festive, as we’re celebrating going live with our new automated library system last week and that we all survived the switch from the old system, which most of us aren’t mourning.   We will complain, gossip, swap tips and tricks, and be asked to keep it down, please.

Should be fun.

It’s great to have a support group at work . . . which is just the segue I need to show off my new favorite piece of jewelry:

This rubber bracelet (brainchild of the matchless Teri)  was meant to commemorate a face-to-face of an international and ecletic circle of bloggerfriends, most (all?) of whom met over at Betsy Lerner‘s place and just . . . clicked.

But it’s much more than that.

Only four of us—Lyra, amyg,  Sherry, and Teri—could actually meet last week.  But Teri sent the bracelets to everyone, anyway, and that I received this concrete sign that I’m part of this incredible group has lifted my spirits, inspiration, and determination like you wouldn’t believe.

Others. including LauraDownith, and MacDougal Street Baby,^^have described this feeling in their own talented ways.  For me—to use a comment I left, I think, on Downith’s post—this band is a reminder to get going and that I’m not going it alone.

You can’t put a price on that.


*Library humor!

**More library humor!

***Make it stop!!

^That’s a general assumption of consumption, by the way, though librarians who do drink seem to be divided between the margarita and single malt camps.  Personally, I don’t think those worms died of happiness.  And I’m working tomorrow, so diet Pepsi it is.

^I know I must have missed some posts—please let me know and I’ll add them.