HobNobbing with the Duchess

I dragged myself home today after work, schlepped  a cello, an A-minus diorama, and a damp bag full of swimming stuff into the kitchen . . . and saw a package on the kitchen table.  For me.

The moment I saw the Royal Mail sticker, I knew. One might say I went completely kookoopants:

HobNobs, for those of you who haven’t experienced them yet, are insanely good English biscuits that aren’t available in my neck of the woods, unless I want to take a verrrry long drive to the nearest import grocery.  I’m mentioned this once or twice—or perhaps at every possible opportunity—and Her Grace Downith sent me some completely out of the blue, accompanied by an absolutely perfect poem by John Betjeman:

She, such a very ordinary little woman;
He, such a thumping crook;
But both, for a moment, little lower than the angels
In the teashop’s ingle-nook.

The HobNobs are exactly as good as I remember—sweet and slightly nutty and crumbly and milk-chocolately and ummm . . .

But receiving a surprise from a friend is even better.

Thanks, Downith!

18 thoughts on “HobNobbing with the Duchess

  1. you know, my coffee shop down here in floyds knobs indiana is Hob Knobb Roasting.

    (of course, i prefer to call it hiz to the biz knob.)

    so…when you feel like a road trip, you should bring some of your Hob Knob biscuits and we can eat them with some Knobbs Buffalo brew.

    (downith, you should come too.)

  2. Certainly makes you wonder if the word hobknob sprang out of the experience of two people intimately sharing a biscuit.

    That D. is such a good egg.

    • I wasn’t going to presume, but the puns are irresistible, aren’t they?

      She is — and so are you! I’ve loved two of the ARCs you’ve sent. I’m sure I’ll enjoy the third, but my MIL won’t give it back. 😀

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